Alisa Sacker MD, IBCLC

     I was with Kaiser Permanente as a partnered general pediatrician in the outpatient clinic and in the hospital NICU for over 20 years. While there, I started the first laser frenectomy program in San Diego for newborns. I first became interested in ties when my teenage daughter had her braces removed at the end of her orthodontic treatment. Her Orthodontist used a laser to remove her upper lip tie as I watched. A light bulb went off in my head and I finally understood why the two of us had such issues breastfeeding. I then checked her tongue and, of course, found a significant posterior tie. That started my journey. I learned how to identify ties and do a scissors frenotomy.


     Word spread to other pediatricians and lactation consultants that I was helping many more Moms and babies overcome breastfeeding challenges. I became a very strong advocate and started a quest to make even more of a difference. It ended up taking the next two challenging years to get a soft tissue laser approved by such a big organization as Kaiser Permanente. I developed policies and procedures, helped to purchase equipment, and completed training sessions. They call me “the pioneer” in the organization. I had patients travel from Los Angeles and Riverside County to see me for laser frenectomies. After being unable to grow and expand the program, I resigned from Kaiser Permanente in 2017 after 22 years of service. To this day there is still minimal education in medical school or residency about tongue ties and how they affect breastfeeding.


     With a private practice, I look forward to having a family oriented, multi-disciplinary approach as we diagnose and treat ties in babies, children, and adults.  I look forward to giving many more lectures to educate, grow interest, and change lives. I served as a board member of the International Association of Tongue Tie Professionals, IATP, where I use my passion to further educate other health professionals. In private practice I will be able to to focus on expanding education about ties and help more Mothers breastfeed their babies with success. I do it all for Mom’s and kids to make a difference in their lives now, and in the future.

Rosanne Berger DDS, IBCLC

    It was at the University of Southern California that I earned my undergraduate degree. Following that, I received my doctorate from the USC School of Dentistry in 2000. While there, I earned several prestigious awards for excellence in dentistry. I have been practicing dentistry for 20 years with my focus on children. I have since developed a passion for treating the problems caused by tongue ties. Seeing the long term negative effects on children’s teeth, gums and jaw joints, and the speech problems tongue ties caused over the years, pushed me to rethink my career path. I am now changing my focus to deal more directly with preventing these issues.  My goal is provide a positive experience through early intervention for breastfeeding moms and children.

     I left Los Angeles to work alongside my sister, Dr. Alisa Sacker. I am so excited to be living in San Diego! I look forward to enjoying more time with my family, continuing my yoga, hiking and, of course, being with the family's three labradors.  I am now the first dentist in California who is also an IBCLC!

Jarrah Foster, BS, MBA, IBCLC


     My interest in studying breastfeeding began during a women’s health course in college. I was in awe of the science, physiology, and sociology surrounding human milk production. As I graduated with a degree in healthcare policy, I knew in the future, my work would provide support to women during the birth and post-partum period.


     Over the years, I started to see many family and friends struggle with breastfeeding and their new roles in caring for a child. I became aware of the gaps in care mothers experience after they give birth and how the arrival of a new baby is often a challenging adjustment that impacts the entire family. I would try to find ways to help my loved ones, but ultimately, I needed more resources. During this time, my work also changed from healthcare policy development, to management and contract negotiation strategy for a healthcare technology company. It finally came to a point where I made the decision to step away from my corporate career to pursue my passion of helping mothers and families.


     I am a proud graduate of the UCSD Extension Lactation Consultant program, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I am also a Master Certified Health Coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and a Babywearing Educator. In my IBCLC training, I worked in mainly outpatient clinics, and therefore I am specifically trained to help babies of all ages resolve complex breastfeeding issues. Currently, I am completing the HEARTraining (Human Empowerment and Resilience Training) to better assist families navigate trauma. Ultimately, my goal is to improve the breastfeeding experience of mothers, babies, and new families, so they feel supported and cared for during this time of great transition.