Frenectomy Consult and Procedure

     Upon arrival at the clinic you will be greeted by our Team.  We will verify patient portal intake were completed and review any uploaded media files. We will then take payment or establish a payment plan if not done prior to the visit. Dr. Sacker will then take you to our consultation room.


     During your consult, Dr. Sacker will review your intake history, discuss areas of concern with your family, and examine your child's mouth and tongue function. If a diagnosis of one or multiple ties is confirmed, she will then go over the significance of the ties, the laser procedure for treatment, and review the aftercare exercises and instructions. Dr. Sacker will carry your baby into the procedure room and be joined by Dr. Berger. Typically, you will only be away from your baby for about 10 minutes. Due to laser safety certification rules, parents are not allowed in the procedure room.  We want you to be the positive rescue person and not be associated with the procedure.  We encourage you to take a short walk outside around the building balcony which overlooks a beautiful, tropical courtyard.


     In the procedure room, we will take pre-procedure pictures for our medical records and use our Cold (Low level infrared light therapy) laser for anesthesia along with a topical application of a numbing gel (lidocaine 10% and Tetracaine 4%). Our Light Scalpel CO2 laser will then be used to treat any tongue, lip and buccal ties. A repeat of the Cold laser treatment will now be used to stimulate healing and help with pain control. Finally, post-procedure pictures will be taken for charting. These photos are also available on our secure patient portal under the shared files folder tab of in child’s chart. You can use these photos to make sure healing is going slowly and that you are keeping the diamond healing vertically and not horizontally.  (Printing the before and after pictures for your Pediatrician and also submitting them to your dental and medical insurance is very helpful and educational.)  Your baby will be brought back to you immediately after the procedure and you will be seen by Jarrah or Karina, our IBCLCs, to help with latching your baby and reviewing aftercare instructions once again.  We will also do a weighted feed to see assess milk transfer. 


     It is very important to stretch and massage the sites at least every 4 hours for 2 weeks. We will watch you perform the aftercare stretches on your baby and review follow-up care. You will be scheduled to be seen again in 2 to 4 days for an initial recheck visit and weighted feeding.  All follow up procedure visits are included.  We encourage you to also follow up with your personal IBCLC for lactation support in between our recheck visits.

     We will also want to see you back in the office 2 weeks after the procedure.  We will take photos, check the sites to assess if your baby is healing properly and decide if your baby is ready to transition from stretches to firm massage of the sites 3 times per day for the next 3 months. This is important to prevent scarring and recurrence and will increase your chances of long term success.


     We will be available directly by text.  You may also email or phone for questions or concerns. Every baby is unique and each child has a different pain threshold, muscle sensitivity and tightness, and rate of healing. We are here for you and will help you through the healing process.