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What to Expect with Team Tongue Tie

What is CST?

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a non-invasive, light touch modality that encourages mobility and optimizes function and balance in the body. The gentle nature of this therapy makes it an excellent option for infants and young children.

Why Get It?

There are many reasons parents seek out CST for their children, but your child doesn’t need to have anything specific you’d like addressed to receive a treatment. Just the process of pregnancy and birth, whether vaginal or via belly birth, can cause symptoms that may improve with CST. Some other issues commonly treated with CST are reflux, gas, problems with elimination, torticollis, and feeding trouble. After CST, families often report noticing improvements in latch during feedings, decreased fussiness, reduced body tension, and improved sleep. CST is particularly beneficial post-tie release because it encourages the body to relax, creates new patterns, and functional movements.  This may not have been possible with restrictions in the mouth.


What to Expect

During the first session, Jodi will do a consultation where I ask a number of questions, followed by an assessment and treatment based on my assessment. Sometimes there are very clear signs of release during a session, and other times it may take a couple days for full integration. Treatments can be conducted in the parents arms, laying down, or any other position where the child is comfortable. The infant may release via a cry at times, but will not be in any pain related to my direct touch.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

Everyone responds to CST differently, therefore, there is no set number of sessions required. It all depends on your child’s condition and comfort level. Some conditions will require more sessions than others and some people see progress faster than others.  We will work together to help your baby improve and feel better.

How do I schedule a visit?

Fill out your information on our Contact page and Jodi will schedule a time for you at Team Tongue Tie or click the button to reach her directly.

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