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Resourceful Educational Videos

Aftercare Exercises

Recommended Breast Feeding Technique

Daily Exercises

Relieving Floor of Mouth Tension

Facial Massages

Diaphragm Exercises

To Help with Pacifier Pt. 1

Guppy Hold

Two Week Aftercare Instructions

Paced Bottle Feeding

Tight Body Stretches

Tight Lips Exercise

Palate Exercises

Infant Digestive Exercises

To Help with Pacifier Pt. 2

Guppy Exercises

Reattachment Exercises

How To Pace Bottlefeed

Relaxing Body Exercises

Side-laying Neck Stretches

Palate Exercises

How to Burp a Tricky Baby

Sleeping Tongue Posture Hold

Tongue Strengthening Exercises

Child Pre-procedure Prep Video

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