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Pre Procedure

We recommend starting pre-frenectomy Myofunctional therapy or tongue strengthening exercises as soon as you are considering the procedure.  You may not be able to perform all the exercises because of your restrictions but it will get your brain and anatomy prepared for the aftercare.

Tongue Strengthening Exercises

Start massaging the areas to stretch out tight muscles and get your child used to your hands in the mouth. You may use clean hands and coconut oil to massage or just clean hands. A good time to do this is when you are brushing teeth. 


Check out the Myo exercises PDF below and start trying to strengthen the tongue muscle as much as possible.

MYO Tongue Exercises

Ibuprofen Dosing Instructions

Day of Procedure

On the procedure day, it is recommended that you eat a meal and take an oral dose of ibuprofen 600-800 mg 60-90 minutes prior to the appointment.  Check out our pain management page for information on homeopathic remedies also.  We recommend you wear lightweight, comfortable clothing for the day of the procedure.

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