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Playing with Toy Vehicles

Pre Procedure

We recommend starting pre-frenectomy practice stretch exercises as soon as you are considering the procedure. We believe this will help your child get familiar with having your fingers in their mouth several times a day. We also want you to be confident and comfortable with doing these exercises. Building trust with your child is very important. Some children can be scared and bite after the procedure but if you have practiced before, then your child will be less frightened of this new activity. Practicing lying down for the exercises every 4 hours will help support and encourage your child through the process.

Tongue Strengthening Exercises

Start massaging the areas to stretch out tight muscles and get your child used to your hands in the mouth. You may use clean hands and coconut oil to massage or just clean hands. A good time to do this is when you are brushing teeth. 


Check out the Myo exercises PDF below and start trying to strengthen the tongue muscle as much as possible.  



MYO Tongue Exercises

Follow the Finger

Slide your finger along your child's lower gums from one side to the other starting in the back of the gums while encouraging the baby to chase your finger from side to side with their tongue. Also, rub the upper gums area to teach elevation skills.  Show your child where the tongue tip should sit which is just behind the front teeth with the belly of the tongue on the roof of the mouth.  Have them try to make clicking and clucking sounds with the tongue.  Make it fun!

Day of Procedure

On the procedure day, it is recommended that your child have a regular meal and give a dose of ibuprofen an hour prior to the appointment.  Check out our pain management page for information on homeopathic remedies also.  We recommend that your child wear comfortable, lightweight, dark-colored clothing for the day of the procedure. (Darker colors make it easier to get out popsicle stains from drooling post procedure.)  Please bring their favorite toy or stuffed animal, or toy car to hold during the procedure.  You may also bring a cooler with their favorite popsicle or ice cream for them to have after the procedure in case they do not like our popsicle selection.

Ibuprofen Dosing Instructions

Get your child prepared by watching the video below

This adorable 5 year old girl was beyond excited by her changes just 2 days post procedure.  Hear her story and see her help explain what happened in the procedure room without fear!

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