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Helping Mothers

     Breastfeed Better

Dr. Alisa Sacker, Pediatrician
Dr. Rosanne Berger, Dentist
Jarrah Foster, Lactation Consultant
Karina Grant, Lactation Consultant

About Us

Team Tongue Tie is a private medical practice birthed out of the passion that we have for newborns, babies and children with breastfeeding issues.  As a general pediatrician, Dr. Alisa Sacker has extensive neonatal training. She comes together with her sister, Dr. Rosanne Berger, a dentist focused on young children. Combined, they have over 40 years of experience with children.


Our office specializes in laser treatment of tongue, lip, and buccal ties to help your children that have breastfeeding issues. Team Tongue Tie performs laser frenectomies using our state of the art CO2 laser. We also treat children with feeding, dental, and speech issues. We treat adults with speech issues, tie related dental problems, and chronic jaw pain.  Our practice focuses on correct diagnosis, treatment, management, follow up, and support for tongue tie issues.  We have onsite lactation support and Occupational Therapy care. We also handle referrals for Chiropractic care, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofunctional therapy, and Speech therapy.


We provide 1:1 breastfeeding support with our internationally board-certified lactation consultants, Jarrah Foster, IBCLC and Karina Grant, IBCLC. Our environment is relaxing, comfortable, and tailored to meet your breastfeeding needs.  Dr. Sacker and Dr. Berger are now both IBCLC's as well.   Releases performed by providers who are also lactation specialists are much more precise than other offices.  Another reason why our Team is so special!




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Team Tongue Tie
12625 High Bluff Drive, Suite 313

San Diego CA 92130

Office phone: (858) 480-9454

Office fax: (858) 947-4096