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Treating and Teaching about Ties

Team Tongue Tie


Baby Ties

Our goal at Team Tongue Tie is to catch babies with tethered oral tissues as early as possible for an easier procedure and aftercare for baby and parents.  Babies often have symptoms with nursing or bottle feeding, trouble with gas/grunting/colic and digestion or sleep issues.  We focus on early diagnosis to make the largest improvement in future quality of life but it is never too late to fix ties to help with tie related symptoms.

Child Ties

Children will still present with similar issues with feeding (slow and picky eaters, choking on food), speech problems, dental/orthodontic issues, breathing, and sleeping disturbances.  When children don't feel good, then the whole family is affected.

Adult Ties

Many adults we treat in the office are actually parents of our babies and children that have been treated.  When you see how much difference it makes in your child, it makes you want to have a better quality of life too.  Most of the adult symptoms we focus on are jaw, neck, headache pain; continued speech issues and tongue fatigue; obstructive sleep apnea, and gum recession.  These ties are genetic, so we often end up treating and helping many members of the same family!

Crib Mobile


Team Tongue Tie is a private medical practice birthed out of a passion for newborns, babies and children with breastfeeding issues.  Dr. Alisa Sacker is a general pediatrician with over 20 years of experience with children which includes extensive neonatal training.


Our office specializes in laser treatment of tongue, lip, and buccal ties to help your children that have breastfeeding issues. Team Tongue Tie performs laser frenectomies using our state of the art CO2 laser. We also treat children with feeding, dental, and speech issues and adults with speech issues, tie related dental problems, and chronic jaw pain.  Our practice focuses on correct diagnosis, treatment, management, follow up, and support for tongue tie issues.  We have onsite lactation support, Craniosacral Therapy CST, and Occupational Therapy care. We also handle referrals for Chiropractic care, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofunctional Therapy, and Speech Therapy.


In our office, we provide 1:1 breastfeeding support with one of our Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants. Our environment is relaxing, comfortable, and tailored to meet your breastfeeding needs.  Dr. Sacker and all in office staff are lactation consultants and IBCLC's!   The precise tethered oral tissue releases performed by a Pediatric MD who is also a lactation specialist sets us apart from other offices.  Another reason why our Team is so special!

Our Story


"As a 24 year old, I’ve always been very self-conscious about the way I speak, lick an ice cream cone, kiss, etc… The first night after the procedure, I went out for ice cream to try out my new tongue!"

Team Tongue Tie Patient


Team Tongue Tie

12625 High Bluff Drive, Suite 101
San Diego CA 92130

Office phone: (858) 480-9454
Office fax: (858) 947-4096

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